Source File

A fully editable version of your Photologo®, available to you. Edit, resize, alter and create multiple variations of your signature logo to fit every imaginable use.


You never know when a new idea or opportunity will come up, and you might find yourself in a situation that you need your custom signature logo ready to fit situations you couldn’t have possibly imagined. Now, this is where the Source File comes in.

It is the original piece, straight out of the studio, just as our expert calligraphers made it.

It fits either a miniature pen drive or a billboard, without any trace of loss in resolution. It also gives you the security of having the original piece, safe and secured on a backup, and the ability to edit and create multiple variations of your Photologo®, to fit all purposes.

Get the Ai Source file now and rest assured knowing that your signature logo is future-proof and ready for whatever lays ahead of you.