Color Unlocker

Unlock and explore the endless possibilities to customise your Photologo®. With the Colour Unlocker tool, there’s a world of colour waiting to be discovered.


Be it on your watermark, on your business card, website, social media or any other purpose, there are times you just feel creative or want to bring more attention to your personal brand. With the Colour Unlocker, this is a breeze.

All Photologos® are delivered containing 2 colour versions of your custom signature logo, black and white, to make sure that it will perfectly fit both dark and bright backgrounds alike. With the Colour Unlocker tool, you are free to pick as many colours as you’d like. Every time you find the right one, simply click the “Download” button, and ta-da! You got it! Simple as that.

Feeling creative already? Go on and give Colour Unlock a try now. You might discover there’s a lot more than just black and white.